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Home News Worrying: Corona infection among migrants returning from Gurugram-Delhi, 70 people corona positive

Worrying: Corona infection among migrants returning from Gurugram-Delhi, 70 people corona positive

Among the migrants returning to Uttarakhand, corona is the most common infection among people coming back from Gurugram and Delhi. Apart from this, a large number of migrants returning from Mumbai and Surat are also found positive.

The process of return of migrants to Uttarakhand started on May 4. According to official records, about one lakh thirty thousand people have returned from different states so far in the state.


So far, 70 people have been found corona positive in the state since the process of migrants returned. Most of them are migrants. Sources in the health department said that about 60 per cent of the patients found positive are back from Gurugram and Delhi.

This is followed by Mumbai and Surat respectively. Additional Director NHM Dr. Abhishek Tripathi confirmed this. He says that most of the people returning from the areas where there is more infection are also getting infected.


He admitted that Gurugram, Delhi, Mumbai and Surat have seen the highest number of infections among those returned.


Covid-19: Corona virus confirmed in 16 patients in Uttarakhand, 146 increased from 130 infected


Quarantine on the border will provide relief: The Nainital High Court has asked to check the corona examination of migrants coming from outside and to quarantine the same on getting infection.

When this happens, mountain districts can be protected from infection to a great extent. After the High Court order, the Health Department has started its preparation.


Under this, all districts are being asked to quarantine people coming from outside the border. However, a large number of expatriates will also need large amounts of resources to quarantine the facility on the border. In such a situation, the number of migrants coming back may decline.


Risk of spreading the infection
After the large number of positive migrants come every day, now the risk of infection among the local people is also increasing. If unidentified corona-positive migrants are not identified in time, the infection may spread to local people in the coming days.

This causes fear of worsening of the situation. However, health department officials say that to prevent the infection from reaching the local level, testing is being done by pool testing so that more people from outside can be examined.




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