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Succeed: Structure for treatment of one million Kovid patients prepared in the country

In the two months of the lockdown, the central government has achieved good success in creating a separate hospital for the treatment of corona with the help of the states. In the country today, the government has the capacity to treat one million corona patients simultaneously. Out of these, about 1.25 lakh beds are such where serious patients can be treated. The rest are for the treatment of patients with mild symptoms.

After the relaxation of economic activity in lockdown four, where life is now slowly coming back on track, fear of people has not reduced. But the government has also made it clear that the lockdown cannot always continue. The disease is not yet going away. Therefore, we have to live by protecting against disease. Treatment is to be done to the sick.


Number of Kovid-19 patients in India is close to 1.30 lakh, 94000 new positive cases from May 1

NITI Aayog member Dr. V.K. According to Pal, when the disease started increasing in the country two months ago, we did not have a separate hospital for Kovid patients. Today there are 1093 hospitals that are only for Kovid patients. These include 185306 beds including 31250 ICU beds. These hospitals are equipped with ICU as well as ventilator facilities and patients who need ICU or ventilator can be treated here. Similarly there are 2402 Kovid Health Centers. Here treatment can be given to those Kovid patients who are relatively less serious and they may need oxygen at most. These hospitals have 138652 oxygen beds. 3.24 lakh beds are available in both the above categories.


In the third phase there are 7013 covid care centers which have around six and a half lakh beds. Patients with mild symptoms are treated here. Or these facilities can be used for patients who do not need much treatment, but only need isolation to prevent the spread of the disease. There is a provision of 9.74 lakh beds in all three categories. If the facilities of military forces are also added, then this number rises above one million.

70 percent of Corona virus cases in the country from 11 districts of seven states


According to the Health Ministry data, the number of patients visiting ICU, oxygen and ventilator is less than five percent. Out of the remaining 95 per cent of the patients, only those in the hospital are in need of continuous treatment. About 80 per cent of the patients need to be kept in isolation only. The percentage of healthy patients will increase The percentage of healthy patients will increase in the coming days. About 41 per cent of the patients are healthy and 59 per cent active patients. But the percentage of active patients will decrease in the coming days.




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