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Pakistan Plane Crash Video: Watch the video of the plane crash in Karachi, Pakistan and listen to what the pilot said to ATC just before the accident

Pakistan Plane Crash Video: Pakistan’s largest city and capital of Sindh province, Karachi, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane, on Friday, suffered a heartbreaking accident. The aircraft had 107 people including crew. Now the video of this plane crash and the audio of the pilot’s conversation with the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) have also surfaced.

In the video that is going viral on Twitter, it is seen that the plane is slowly falling downwards and then collides with houses in a colony. Then a smoke rush appears from here. A second video is made by a passenger from the window of another plane immediately after the accident. It is seen that the passengers are making videos during the landing of the aircraft, only then their eyes are on the crashed plane.


The aircraft crashed into the densely populated Model Colony near Jinnah Airport in Karachi. That too when there were few minutes left to land it. The plane, which arrived from Lahore, landed at Karachi Airport at 2.47 minutes. The runway at the airport was empty but it was reported that the pilot issued a warning message informing ATC of the landing problem.

Part of the conversation between the pilot and ATC has also surfaced. In the last few seconds, the pilot says that we are turning left. I think the engine is damaged. ATC is said to have vacated both runways 2 and 5. Can land on anyone. At the same time, the aircraft comes very close to the houses and the pilot says, Mede … Mede … Mede (the word for radio message at the time of disaster).


PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafiz said that the aircraft had 8 crew members and 99 passengers. According to ‘Dawn’ report, Saad Edhi, spokesman of the philanthropic organization Edhi Foundation, said that they have taken 35 bodies from the scene to various hospitals in the city. The ‘Express Tribune’ report said that Dr. Simin Jamali, Executive Director of Jinnah Medical Center in Karachi has confirmed the arrival of 17 dead bodies from the site of the plane crash in the hospital. He said that so far eight people have been brought in injured condition.


At least two people have survived in the accident, one of which is Zafar Masood, president of Bank of Punjab and Anasar Naqvi, a senior journalist. Both have been admitted to the hospital. The report states that many houses have been destroyed due to the plane’s grip. At least four houses have been reported to be completely demolished. Several vehicles parked outside the houses were also found in the grip of the aircraft which turned into fireballs.

Jung News reported that the body of a five-year-old child and a 33-year-old man have been recovered from one of the houses on which the plane fell. Four people of this house are seriously injured. Media reports said that the aircraft, the A320 Airbus, was leased from China. Authorities have claimed that there was no defect in the plane earlier. Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered an immediate investigation into the accident.




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