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Mayawati calls Rahul’s video a drama, says: Congress guilty of plight of laborers

Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati has strongly attacked the Congress. On Saturday, Mayawati said that the real culprit for the plight of migrant workers is the Congress party itself. Along with this, he called Rahul Gandhi’s video a drama. Rahul Gandhi recently interacted with migrant laborers in Sukhdev Vihar, whose video he shared on Saturday.

The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister tweeted four on Saturday. He added that the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of the corona virus global epidemic left unemployed and out of tune. The tragic and shameful plight of crores of migrant labor families is being seen everywhere, the Congress party will be considered its real culprit. He said that during the long reign of the Congress in the Center and the states after independence, if the livelihood of the people in the villages and cities were properly arranged, then why would they be forced to migrate to other states?


The BSP supremo said that even at the present time, the videos showing the pain and suffering of some workers are being shown by the Congress leaders, their sympathy seems less and more drama. It would have been better if the Congress party had at this time told how many people it had actually helped when meeting those victims.


Mayawati said that in such a difficult time, she also has to say to the central and state governments of the BJP that they do not follow the footsteps of the Congress party and make the workers returning home by making proper arrangements for their livelihood in their villages and cities. If you follow the policy of making it honestly, then perhaps they will never have to face such a predicament.

He also appealed to the BSP workers that migrant laborers who have been kept away from their villages on their return home and are not getting proper government help, then try to help such people humanly because the victims Only by understanding the pain of the victim can they help each other properly.




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