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Kovid-19 is wearing gloves to avoid infection, know what to do, what not to do

Gloves like gloves have also become necessary to help prevent the spread of corona virus. They are needed because the gloves cover the hands and protect them from touching surfaces where there is a virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that the Kovid-19 transmission via respiratory drops is more common than direct contact, and the general public is advised to wear gloves when going out. According to www.myupchar.com, gloves anyway play an important role in protecting hands mainly from chemicals, bacteria, fungus and viruses etc. Nitrile gloves are mostly used by mechanics, technicians, tattoo makers etc. as it not only protects from oil, grease, chemical etc. but also protects against diseases caused by other micro-organisms. This can be effective in protecting against epidemics like Glavs Kovid-19. Also, if you buy goods from the market or a shop, then you can use them. These gloves are disposable and use them once and keep them in a disposable bag so that no one else comes in contact and prevents the disease from spreading.

Wear gloves when cleaning


Gloves and correct air movement are two important elements when it comes to cleaning the house. Especially when surfaces in a home are commonly touched such as light switches, handles, desks, toilets, taps, sinks and electronic appliances. If someone in the house has Kovid-19 disease, it is necessary to prepare special gloves for cleaning the house and using disinfectant.

Wash hands before and after wearing gloves


Dr. VK Rajalakshmi of AIIMS, associated with www.myupchar.com, says that even if it seems that the hands are clean, one should wash hands before and after wearing gloves to prevent contamination. For this, it is necessary to take precautionary measures by washing your hands with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds.

Wear gloves when caring for a sick person


Gloves are necessary when washing dirty clothes of an infected person by Kovid-19. Throw away your gloves later and wash your hands thoroughly.

Do not hurry to remove gloves


According to the CDC, to prevent further infection, take off your gloves properly. no hurries. To remove it, you have to slide your fingers into the other gloves and pull it out slowly by moving your hand. It is important to do this carefully.

Do not touch your face while wearing gloves


Gloves can give a false sense of security, especially because surface viruses will stick to the gloves rather than hands. In such a situation, if you touch your face with gloves, then there is a risk of getting infected.

Do not forget personal hygiene


Even if you wear gloves, personal hygiene and physical distancing is important because gloves alone will not protect against viruses.

For more information, see: https://www.myupchar.com/disease/covid-19/strong-immunity-is-not-100-percent-defense-against-coronavirus


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