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Get accustomed to not only ‘work from home’, ‘work from home’

Due to increasing cases of corona virus, many people are working from home rather than working in office. Many companies are preparing to ask employees to work from home even after the lockdown opens, but there can be many physical problems even while working from home continuously. Continuous working on a laptop or computer causes muscles to become stiff and stiff. Sitting in the same position for a long time also causes pain in the shoulders and neck. If you do not pay attention to the sitting position, then there is also a severe pain in the head. According to, the impact of work from home and stressful job is that stress and panic attack cases have increased. It is important that daily stretching exercises are done to make the body flexible and to reduce muscle stiffness. Let’s know about some exercises that can be done easily at home and by doing these, muscle tension is also reduced –


Hyenas for the feet

Doing the same work throughout the day causes pain in the legs and knees. For this, bring your knee to the front of your chest. You should do this exercise continuously by alternating the legs and if you wish, take a break of 10 seconds in between. This will also strengthen your legs and thighs.


Cross body shoulder strap

In this, straighten the waist and sit comfortably on the ground. After this, hold the elbow of the left hand with the right hand and move it backwards. Move it back until you feel a chest strain. While doing this exercise, keep in mind that your elbow is equal to the shoulder. You do this exercise for 10 seconds. You repeat the same exercise from the other side.


Overhead triceps stretch

In this exercise, stand up straight and try to touch the middle part of the back by moving the left hand towards the back of the head. After this, hold the elbow of the left hand with the right hand and pull it towards the head. You do this exercise for one second and repeat this exercise with the other hand as well. In this, keep in mind that your hand is not near the ear.


Herpes for hands and chest

Lie down on the ground in this exercise and get up and jump quickly. Do this exercise continuously for 2 minutes. If you feel tired in between, you can take a break of 10 seconds.


Riplight Push-Ups

The way push-ups are usually done. Make the same position on the ground. Now keep one leg in the air by bending at the knee and after that start doing push-ups. Repeat the same exercise by keeping the other leg in the air by turning it towards the knee. By doing this, blood circulation in the body will be done better.


Use lange and squat for Thai muscles

Lanage and squat are good exercises for strengthening the muscles of the feet. This can reduce the calories of the thighs. Muscles are also strengthened by doing this exercise repeatedly.


According to Dr. Ajay Mohan of AIIMS, associated with, until the cure of corona virus is found, the only ways to avoid it are cure. It is important that every person enhance his ability to keep himself healthy and fight diseases.


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