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Donald Trump, doctors and scientists are also unaware of their claims about the Corona virus

US President Donald Trump is showering doctors and scientists who spoke contrary to their claims during the Kovid-19 epidemic. Trump has also proved this on several occasions. While describing a research of scientists as “a matter of trump’s enemy”, he called a study inspired by politics. When doctors said that any kind of haste could have serious consequences for opening a lockdown in the US, Trump also ignored this.

Trump not only rejected two studies this week, but also stated without evidence that the people studying them are politically motivated and want to undermine their efforts to end the corona virus restrictions. Not only this, Trump was also rejected when his government’s study of funding from the National Institutes of Health warned of the use of hydroxychloroquine. This study said that despite the use of this drug, there has been no decrease in the mortality of patients.


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Trump and many of his colleagues believe that this drug is nothing short of a miracle in the treatment of Kovid-19 patients. Trump reported this week that he himself is using the drug to ward off the corona virus. He also ignored the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) warning last month that the drug should only be used in hospitals or for clinical trials as it could have serious side effects. Eating it without need may pose a risk of getting fatal cardiovascular disease.


Trump said to reporters on Tuesday (May 19), “It’s a matter of hostility to Trump.” The US president also took a Thursday (May 21) study of Columbia University’s Melman School of Public Health. Gave a similar response. The study said that if the rules of distance from social gathering had been followed a week earlier, about 61 percent of infections and 55 percent of fatalities would have occurred. Trump denied the study Thursday, saying, “Columbia is a very liberal institution.” I think his study is inspired by politics. You must know the truth.

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Larry Gostin, a professor of law and public health expert at Georgetown University in the US, says, “If Trump continues to politicize science in the same way and rejects the views of health experts, then fear and confusion will prevail among the public.” However, the White House has dismissed questions arising over Trump’s attitude. He says that Trump follows the suggestions of public health officials of his administration.

White House spokesman Jude Deere has said, “To say that the president does not value scientific data or important work of scientists is completely wrong.” He has taken several data-based decisions to deal with the Kovid-19 epidemic. These include the decision to impose an early travel ban in areas with more infected populations. Apart from this, the President also took steps such as issuing guidelines for the first 15 and then 30 days to speed up efforts to develop the vaccine and prevent the spread of the virus. He also told the governors clear and safe avenues for opening lockdowns in the US.


Larry Gostin, a law professor and public health expert at Georgetown University in the United States, says Trump should leave his public health agencies to assess data on the corona virus and assess various studies. He said, “I think the real danger is of the President sitting on TV and playing with scientists and doctors.”




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