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Corona Myth Busters: Does nicotine have virus-destroying properties? Know what is true

Corona Myth Busters:These days many kinds of myths about the corona virus are becoming prevalent. There is a lot of confusion among the common people about these. What is the truth of these myths, this is telling you about ‘Hindustan’.

Infused water should be drunk instead of water to avoid infection.

Simply put, infused water is called flavored water with fruits and vegetables with medicinal properties. It is made by keeping pieces of mint, coriander, cucumber, lemon, ginger, lime, strawberry etc. in water in the house. This increases the taste of water, increases immunity and provides coolness in summer. But this prevents Kovid-19, that is not true.

Aerosol and airborne transmission are the same.

No, these two are different. Kovid-19 is maintained by WHO in aerosol transmission as it comes into contact with the respiratory droplets, ie, droplets released from coughing or sneezing. Fluid from the mouth is heavier than air when sneezing and coughing, so infected droplets fall to the ground or to a surface due to gravity. But in the case of aerosols, the droplets’ fluid evaporates before it falls to the ground. In such a situation, the virus can remain in the air for some time. That is why the emphasis is on physical distance and washing hands.

Nicotine has virus-destroying properties.

These days it is widely believed that nicotine used in cigarettes and bidis has virus-destroying properties, so cigarette-bidi smokers and other tobacco products are less susceptible to infection. But this is just an illusion. According to China’s National Health Commission, no evidence has yet been found to confirm that nicotine has antiviral properties or that it can prevent infection. Inverse nicotine can cause respiratory tract failure and paralysis.




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