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Bihar DGP’s unique initiative: information of corrupt policemen sought from public, mobile number of headquarters released

The policemen involved in corruption are no more. DGP Gupteshwar Pandey has devised a new way to find such policemen, whether misbehaving with the public or in collusion with liquor mafia and criminals. Information of corrupt and indecent policemen can now reach the DGP through a phone. The identity of the informers will also not be revealed.

Complain about research disturbances as well


The mobile number has been made public on the orders of the DGP to inform the policemen involved in corruption and misbehaving with the public. Police headquarters released mobile number 9431602301 for this on Friday. WhatsApp facility is available on this number. All complaints can be made on this number, whether there is a nexus with the criminals, for disturbances in research for personal gain or police personnel who are complicit with liquor mafia. If a policeman behaves profanely with the general public, he has also been asked to inform him. Complaint can be made by 31 May. The call is to be made between 10 am to 5 pm.

Evidence will have to be given only then action will be taken


It is important to have evidence of whatever information will be given during this campaign started to curb corrupt policemen. If evidence of disturbances is present, then a team of senior police officers will investigate and if necessary, they will be sent to the scene. The police will not reveal their name and address unless they want to give information.

Even if it works well


The DGP has not only asked for information related to corrupt policemen. If a policeman is engaged in the service of the public with honesty and hard work, then he has also been asked to tell about it. So that the morale can be increased by honoring such policemen publicly.

DGP also sought public support


The DGP has sought help from the common people in crime prevention. He has appealed for information about his gang with criminals. Also said that alcohol, gambling, lottery, gassing and narcotics business should also be reported. Special police teams will take action on such information. If anyone does not have a WhatsApp phone, they can send a letter to the DGP cell’s address at Patel Bhavan.




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