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Benjamin Netanyahu, who was unbeatable in the election, will face trial, many allegations of corruption

Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been named in the record book last year as the longest-serving prime minister in Israel, will be the first prime minister in the country to face such a situation when he faces a corruption case. He will appear in Jerusalem’s district court on Sunday (May 24) amid tight security in connection with several allegations of corruption.

This shocking scenario would propel Israel into a political and legal landscape where the process of a complete halt would probably begin on the career of a leader who has been invincible in ballots for more than a decade.


Benjamin Netanyahu to remain Prime Minister of Israel despite allegations, country saved from fourth election in one year

Netanyahu has been accused of cheating, breach of trust and taking bribes. He is surrounded by allegations of taking expensive gifts like champagne and cigars from wealthy friends and favoring media houses for favorable news in favor of himself and his family. In the most serious case, he is accused of advancing a law that benefited millions of dollars from a large telecom company and gained editorial dominance in the context of the company’s popular news website.


Netanyahu has denied the allegations and claimed that he is the victim of an attempt to ‘overthrow’ the overly aggressive police, partisan prosecutors and anti-media. Netanyahu is not the first Israeli leader to face trial. Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former President Moshe Katsav were jailed in 2010. Olmert went into the corruption case Jabik Katsav rape case, but both had stepped down to face charges.




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