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Attempts to provoke China, Pakistan and Nepal, increasing pressure on India due to aggression on the border

The policy of ‘Go Waste Policy’ (eyeing the western border) to China is becoming a big challenge for India. China is also linking military aggression to policy in the name of expanding trade activity. Under this policy, China has built a strong military base in Tibet. Also, incidents of violations on the Ladakh border from the Chinese border have increased steadily.

Extending ‘Go Waste Policy’: China is also planning to increase its influence in Nepal and Bangladesh by keeping India at the center. Experts say that China has extended its ‘Go Waste Policy’ in many ways. This includes putting pressure on India on many fronts.


Tension prevails over LAC in Ladakh, five rounds of talks between India and China fail

US warns on solid input: Sources said that America’s warning to India to be vigilant is not unintentional. Rather there are solid inputs behind it. China wants to keep pressure on India by opening several frontiers on the border. However, India does not officially give rise to incidents of border violations as it is believed that there are some areas of the border for which the perception of the two countries are different, but this time the matter after the clash between the two armies broke. Got caught In the Galvan Valley and Pengong area in Ladakh, China is producing punches in areas where India has complete control.


Violations continue to increase in Ladakh region: Sources say that there have been around 170 incidents from the Chinese side in four months this year. 130 of these occurred in the Ladakh region. Sources said that Chinese activity in Ladakh region has increased continuously since the year 2018. In 2019, there was an increase of about 75 per cent incidents of violations as compared to 2018, but whenever the question was raised, the government gave the same answer.

America’s statement on CPEC slams China, said – try to spoil our relationship with Pakistan


Anxiety for several reasons: Sources said, since the end of Section 370, China has been instigating Pakistan over Kashmir. Trying to incite Nepal against India in Kalapani area. He is trying to increase further pressure in the region given the siege of China during the Corona crisis. Fears of a challenge on the trade front also foment China.

India cautious about China’s aggression: Experts say that India is alert to China’s ever-increasing aggression in the region. India tries to reduce tension through dialogue. Simultaneously, work is also being done to counter China’s aggressive strategy.


China prepares to crush Hong Kong protesters, seeks India’s support on new law

America too: Sources said that the United States is also eyeing this area. However, this is exasperating from China. However, experts believe that the United States has alerted India under the kind of strategic partnership between India and America. The two countries are also sharing inputs in this regard.




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