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America’s statement on CPEC slams China, said – try to spoil our relationship with Pakistan

China has strongly objected to the statement of US diplomat Alice Wells in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) case, calling the statement irresponsible and saying that the US has unsuccessfully tried to tarnish relations between China and Pakistan. Pakistan has also said in its response to Wales’ statement that there should be no doubt about CPEC, it has benefited from the project.

The Chinese embassy in Pakistan has said on Wales’ statement that she has been doing such ‘uncoordinated’ talks in the past as well. The Chinese embassy said in its statement, “We consider Pakistan as an equal partner. We do not keep demanding ‘do more’ (pressure from the US to take more action against terror on Pakistan) from Pakistan. Believes in development and never interferes with its internal affairs. We have always highlighted the positive role of Pakistan in the region. We do not need a teacher, especially a teacher like America. “


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The Chinese Embassy said that CPEC is beneficial for both countries. The statement also said that China would never pressurize Pakistan to withdraw its debt. Significantly, the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Alice Wells, who is going to retire soon, said that China should reconsider the debt that Pakistan has imposed on Pakistan in the name of CPEC.


He had said in a farewell press conference with reporters from South and Central Asia via video link, “In times of crisis like Kovid-19, it has really become essential for China to save Pakistan from that burden. Take steps that are going to fall on the predators, impractical and unjustified causes. ” “We hope that China will either waive these debts or initiate talks to convert it into a just and transparent agreement for the people of Pakistan,” Wells said.

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Wells said at the press conference that China’s governmental entities in the CPEC project have been grossly overburdened and that Pakistan’s trade imbalance with China has been greatly increased. Wales had also recently slammed China for tensions on the border with India. He said that China’s provocation and its disturbing behavior has raised questions about how he (China) is trying to use his growing strength.




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